Social media advertising has taken the world by storm! 


While there are many digital marketing strategies to choose from, only one can consistently boost sales. Our recommendation: Social Media Advertising.


What are the benefits of Social Media Advertising?


  • You can quickly grow your online fanbase and generate sales


  • Create custom ads to attract your real target audience


  • Reduce spending by directly targeting new and returning customers


  • Easily track your analytics and adjust your messaging


Below are the most effective platforms to invest in:


Facebook Advertising


When it comes to social media, Facebook can be considered the leading platform that ties everything together.

No one has shied away from running Facebook ads just yet.

Nevertheless, since advertising is its bread and butter, the social platform has plenty of options available, which can become overwhelming, especially in the beginning.


Below is a list of 8 Facebook ad types:


Domain AdsAlso known as Page Post Link Ads, this type is one of the most commonly found on Facebook and for a good reason – they’re simple and effective.

These are nothing more than a simple image with a short, optional text description and a link that redirects users to your website.


Carousel Ads – As their name would suggest, Carousel Ads will display a series of products that your clients can browse through and click on the one they most enjoy.

Also known as Multi-Product Ads, this option will optimize itself based on the most popular product by displaying it first.


Offer AdsThis option is most useful on your already-existing Facebook fan base by presenting various deals or discounts.


Video Ads – Video content is quickly becoming the most common form of consumer content on the internet. Even a primary video campaign can generate excellent results.


Lead Ads – Lead ads will allow you to collect necessary contact information from users without them having to leave the social media platform.


Canvas Ads – These are interactive ads that allow users to click and customize your product options based on their preferences.

This option is highly customizable as there are many templates available to choose from.


Dynamic Ads – Dynamic Product Ads allow for single or multi-product ads to be displayed to your website users.

This option will show different ads to different people based on their behavior or what products they were interested in in the past.


Instagram Advertising


While Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social media, Instagram is quickly gaining ground with over 800 million monthly active users.

Because Instagram specializes in image and video content, this social platform generates the most engagement rates and is a great way to get in touch with younger audiences.


With that said, here are Instagram’s advertising options.


Single Image Ads – The most basic form of advertising on Instagram, Photo Ads works somewhat similarly to Domain Ads on Facebook.

Due to the platform’s image-oriented nature, they can generate more engagement.


Video Ads – Video Ads take the experience to the next level by adding motion and sound.

These videos can be up to 60 seconds long, which is more than enough to keep viewers engaged. More than that and they may lose interest.


Carousel Ads – Give your future customers the possibility to swipe through several of your products and offer them a higher chance to discover something they like.


Stories Ads Instagram Stories work somewhat similar to how Snapchat operates. These are either photos or 15-second-long video streams created by users.


Instagram Stories Ads will allow you to insert a same-format advertisement between those stories while keeping the overall experience consistent and uninterrupted.

Twitter Advertising


Statistics show that Twitter is an excellent tool for online shoppers, with users shopping online 6.9 times per month, on average, as opposed to non-users who only do so 4.3 times.


Your Twitter advertising options:


Promoted Tweets – In short, Promoted Tweets are regular tweets that you pay for so that they appear to people who aren’t already following you.


Promoted Accounts – This option will make your Twitter account visible to targeted Twitter users, allowing you to gain more followers.


Promoted Trends – Promoted Trends will display an organic list of search results for that particular topic with one of your Promoted Tweets at the very top of that list.


Twitter Promote Mode – For a flat rate of $99 per month, the Promote Mode option is a non-stop, little to no maintenance, background solution that works together with your other ad campaigns by boosting their overall effectiveness.

LinkedIn Advertising


80% of all social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. What’s more, some 44% of its users earn over $75,000 per year, while over 75% make over $50,000 per year, so, you should keep that in mind.


The LinkedIn Advertising options:


Sponsored content – This option will promote a piece of content that already exists on your LinkedIn company page.


Direct Sponsored Content – Here you can promote a piece of content without first having to post it on your Company Page or Showcase Page.


Sponsored InMail – Sponsored InMail will deliver personalized messages to potential leads, as a means of generating engagement with a targeted audience. These messages will appear in their LinkedIn inbox.


Text Ads – Text Ads are great for brand awareness. They are easy to set up and manage campaigns. They’re also the cheapest regarding cost per impression (CPM).


Dynamic Ads – These are dynamically generated, personalized ads that drive users to like your company’s page or apply for a job post.

These will make use of information from LinkedIn profiles to customize each message for each intended recipient.


Programmatic Display Ads Display ads use either their own or third-party data to reach specific users.

Specific audience segments can also be used for targeted ads such as particular professions or the size of a given company.


New: Podcast Advertising – read it now.



Well, there you have it. Depending on your needs as well as the type of leads you are looking for, these four social media advertising options, as well as learning a bit about Podcast Advertising will be sure to meet your expectations.


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