Your blog is a staple for attracting new visitors, who are in search of more information about you and your website. A modern blog thrives on content marketing and the usefulness of the information posted on the blog.

Businesses that blog, get 120% more lead growth compared to businesses that do not blog.

If you want to attract visitors and generate traffic, then you need a professional content marketing strategy with a blog. But, content alone will not guarantee that your blog will make the best impression.

Thus, how do you make sure that your blog stands out? The solution is to create a modern blog for the holidays.

To shape your content and the blog as a whole, you need to have a design that draws customers. You should also have posts with headlines that entice visitors and optimized content for conversions.

A modern blog will create a lasting impression on new and old users. But where can you start?

How can you organize everything to increase conversions and blog subscribers? Here is how to design a modern blog for the holidays.

Outdated Blog – How to Modernize

Update Old Posts

There are many posts which were published, read by a few people, and then they are forgotten. The old posts should play a big role in attracting visitors to your blog.

It is not workable to spend a lot of time and money creating new posts only for them to die as soon as they are off the front page.

Old posts that have good search engine optimization can still attract a lot of traffic from search engine results. Old posts have more value compared to new posts because the old posts have matured over time.

You should always determine the value of a post not by the new visitors it attracts once it is published. But by the number of visitors, it will attract over the next few years.

You could simply change up some color options or new graphics to make sure it is still SEO friendly.

Revise Keywords

Make sure you update the keywords you used and maintain the one you think are still relevant. When updating the old posts, keep the same URL slug because previous visitors might be interested in reading the same post again.

You should also test the accuracy of the posts according to holiday trends.

Re-Design and Create a new feel

If your holiday blog is outdated, you should consider improving the blog design. Most blogs churn out a lot of content.

For instance, many active blogs usually publish at least 2 or 3 posts per week.

You should design your blog in such a way that users can see the variety of content without overloading them with excess information.

A card-based design is one of the best layouts to optimize your content. Many big companies, such as Google, Twitter, and Pinterest, use card designs on their websites.

The idea is to keep it simple by including these few elements:

You should lay the card in such a way that the title and the featured image are prominent. They will help the user make a quick decision about whether they want to read the article.

You can put the cards in columns of 2 or 3. The blog author gives personality to the post while the date informs the user if the post is recent.

How to Increase Views on Your Updated Blog

One of the reasons for creating a modern blog for the holidays is to increase views. There are many ways you can increase the number of people visiting your blog. Some of these ways include:

Strategic Content

To increase blog views, you need to create better content. It is not just about quality, but also strategic marketing efforts. In this case, you should create content that you know will impress people looking to go on holiday in the future.

Do extensive research on the best holiday spots as well as places that are affordable to the majority of people.

Optimize for Mobile and Speed

The internet has millions and millions of blogs. Few users are patient enough to wait for a few minutes for a page to load.

If your blog is taking too long to load, the user will move on to the next website, that is your competitor. You should optimize your blog for speed.

According to A Pew Survey, 85% of adults in the United States access the internet through phones and tablets. Thus, make sure that your blog is accessible with mobile devices.

WordPress plugins such as Jetpack and WPtouch Mobile Plugin can help make your blog mobile.

Blogging and Social Media

In today’s world, you can’t do one without doing the other. Some bloggers might just use social media as their blogs! Getting the two working together will ensure your site gets the traffic it needs by posting links at the right time to the right people!

The Best Combination

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. Many people view social media sharing as an easy task.

But as a blog owner, you should know that it requires a little more effort than just sharing every post on social media.

Social media is a modern feature, and for you to have a modern blog, you should incorporate social media plugins.

People use a lot of social networks, and it is up to you to determine your target audience’s social media preference. Most people use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

In this case, it is advisable to target users from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Professional and business-oriented readers prefer LinkedIn. But, other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are used by people just for fun and sharing.

You never know but it is a good idea to use such platforms to attract visitors to your blog.

How to Build a Presence

Your blog might have healthy traffic, but struggles when it comes to getting subscribers or adequate conversions. What you need to do is to build your presence.

One of the best ways to build your presence is to create aesthetically and enticing lead magnets.

You should do extensive research on all the different holiday aspects. So that you will have the capability to offer irresistible lead magnets to your visitors.

It is also a sure way of building your online presence as well as becoming an authority in the field of vacations and holiday consultants.

You can give offers to users once they subscribe to your blog. It will not only increase your subscribers but also increase conversions.

Blog For the Holidays!


Nutcracker soldier and solver trees


Holidays are exciting times all over the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, holidays are popular and should be celebrated.

When writing content for a holiday blog, the posts should be very specific according to each holiday. For instance, when writing about the Christmas holiday, the content, images, and videos should have a Christmas theme.

If a user visits your blog to read a post about Halloween, you should make sure that all posts related to Halloween have all the aspects covered. It helps the user to connect and get a true feeling of the holiday.

It is also advisable to always come up with updated and accurate information on each given holiday.

All in All

Holidays always have something new to offer each year. You should always update yourself on the current trends.

Anything that is associated with holidays, including destinations and costs you can expect to have during the time. It is the best way to keep your visitors happy and updated.

There are many benefits to having a modern blog, you will look trendy and relevant which will in itself attract people to your site!


About Our Author:

Claire Newton is a content creator as well as a marketing executive for Design Wizard

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