Did you know that color psychology and its web design applications play a crucial role in your website visitor user-experience?


Color psychology is a sub-field of behavioral psychology that focuses on how colors and human emotions, attitudes, and values associated with one another.

It works around the premise that people respond to the sight of a specific color in a certain way.

Understanding this phenomenon is a must for designers and marketers in general since they can take advantage of these associations to further whatever goals, motives, and agenda they have.

Web designers, in particular, have to be quite adept at choosing the color to use for their web design solutions.

They need to be able to choose the color that represents the brand of their clients best, among other things.

Red, for example, is perfect for capturing the attention of people and making them feel that something urgent is up.

For companies that are holding a sale in the real world or over the Internet, red will come in handy if the goal is to make people feel they will miss out on something if they don’t act immediately on that big, red huge ad they just saw.

Blue, on the other hand, is regarded by many people as the coolest of all colors. Some would even claim that the sight of anything blue lowers their blood pressure and their heart rate as well.

You may also notice that many corporate brands use blue—Facebook readily comes to mind—probably because of its association with intelligence, security, reliability, trust, and stability.

Yellow is possibly the most cheerful color in the color wheel. Many people associate it with optimism, happiness, warmth, and creativity. There are even claims that yellow makes them feel younger.

So many colors, so many behavioral associations. If you want to learn more about color psychology, check out the infographic below.


color psychology on web design


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