As my digital marketing company grows, the one thing that jumps out at me the most is the real potential that many small companies have to be remarkable.


As we perform digital audits of businesses, our job is to assemble a plan that would build an online presence and audience in order to keep customers from failing.


In order for small businesses to be successful in digital marketing, it takes perseverance. Not all business owners and companies have that.


We often communicate to customers that building an online presence does not happen overnight and takes time. How much time depends on the industry and the demand for the product or services.


Some business owners can be impatient. And when a company is not serious about reaching their goals, they lose momentum, go off track, or worse, come to a screeching halt. They give up.


So, how can a small business like yours make what can be an overwhelming transition to the digital landscape and prevent failure?


Overcome Fear Of New Technology.


Why do so many people fear new technology? For some, it represents the dehumanization of processes such as social interactions.


Market leaders feel threatened that they will soon be obsolete, losing their jobs to AI and robots.


We naturally fear the unknown. By instilling confidence, your business can overcome those fears that you have towards transformation. Reluctance to change will only hold you back, and it will prevent you from getting where you need to go.


Building A Knowledge Base.


By training your staff, you are empowering them. New information can be overwhelming, but when you equip your team with the knowledge needed to use new tools, you’re giving them the confidence to push onward.


Keep Your Team Focused.


Getting everyone on board is crucial. A team cannot move forward if someone is dragging you down. As the leader, you are the engine, and your team is the steam.


Together, you stay on course by supporting and encouraging each other.


When going through a digital transformation, not everyone will learn at the same pace. Those who catch on quicker need to make sure the others don’t get left behind.


Members of the team should mentor one another to close any gaps.


Failure Is Not An Option.


Every business is different, and only by analyzing your digital marketing needs and goals can you effectively create a strategy that works for you.


During the transition, you’ll discover that not all tools or strategies are right for you. This doesn’t mean that you’ve failed; it just means that you have to find what is right for your business’s specific needs.


Don’t give up, say what’s next?


Realize There Might Be Adjustments To The Plan.


Building your business’s online presence requires patience and flexibility. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What works for some, does not necessarily work for others.


Despite your best intentions and efforts, things can and will go wrong. However, the key is not to give up.


You may need to make adjustments such as seek the help of experts to push you through the most challenging part of your journey; ultimately, you will stay on track.


Focus On The Solution.


As a leader, you want your adaptation into the digital world to be a smooth one. In order to do so, you need to define your goals, understand your strategies, and focus on the solution.


Think Positive. Be The Company That Can.


Sometimes it is just that simple. To stay on track with digital marketing, you need to remove any doubts and hesitations. If you maintain a firm belief that you can move forward as a company you will.


By Audrey DeSisto



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