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You have been selling your product at local events for a few years and decided to become a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur. You hired an excellent web designer and launched an amazing Shopify site. Your website has stunning product photos and content. You are eager and ready to make your first online sale. Months go by. Where are the buyers?

It was supposed to be easy.

You have never bothered much with social media and know little about marketing. Now what?


Below are 9 Amazing tips to Make Your First Online Sale


Verify your business with Google. Next, meet with a digital marketer and make sure that your company listing is accurate everywhere online.

Social Media.  Make friends on Facebook and set up a company page. Run Facebook ads and stories, and set up a Facebook group for your product. Peek interest on Instagram and Pinterest with great images and content. Grow a fan base by focusing on your target audience best you can. Use contests and promo codes. Spark interest on Twitter and take advantage of the new Twitter Promo Mode now in beta. Update your LinkedIn profile, create a business page and take advantage of any free advertising promotions that LinkedIn offers. Learn where your target audience is hanging out by using analytics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hire someone to set up Google Analytics, reporting, and Google Adwords. Learn who your online target audience is by monitoring the traffic on your website. SEO is key to internet marketing.

PR. Publish online and offline press releases, and strategize on how to create a PR stunt that will help you stand out from your competition.

Content Marketing. Launch a blog, videos, and an email marketing campaign in order to keep your fans engaged.

Sell to Retailers and Local Shops. Add your website to all packaging and sell to local retailers and shops. If there is a way to collect names and email addresses at point of sale then implement that process. Establish incentives for the names collected by the store managers.

Hire a Team. You can’t do all of this work yourself. Many small businesses are hiring virtual teams to cut costs, but keep in mind that your product launch will fail if you do not invest in finding a good team to support your business.

Event Marketing. Go to events and trade shows and network. Set up a booth that pops and display your website name on a large banner. Create a unique business card that does not stack up with the rest. Use technology during events to encourage people to sign up, order or become fans.

Reviews. When you do make your first online sale, ask that customer for a review. Add links to review sites in a monthly newsletter and in your thank you note for all purchases. Respond to any negative reviews and stay focused on reputation management.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is not investing in their product launch. Think positive and understand that building an online presence does not happen overnight. If you are not making progress, chances are you are not investing enough in marketing and advertising.

By Audrey DeSisto







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