Cross-channel Marketing


Many professionals remember when marketing was something a little more defined and concrete. It involved a mailer, for example, or a phone call, or even an in-person visit.


Now, with the advent of technology and a wider range of potential customers to reach, marketing has really evolved, out of necessity. Every company must pursue a range of avenues to reach people.


Some of them are old-fashioned, but those are increasingly falling to the wayside in favor of reaching people via social media channels.


The thing about social media marketing though is that it isn’t universal. How you reach one person — what platform they are on and what message they respond to — isn’t the same as how you reach another person.


That means you have to understand how to be strategic about your efforts. This graphic introduces and explains what cross-channel marketing looks like and how to pursue it.


The Essential Elements of Cross-Channel Marketing


Learn more about cross-channel marketing from Salesforce here.


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