Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a big part of our lives. With technology now clever enough to analyze, learn, reason, and predict, it’s no wonder that it’s quickly becoming part of everyday life. Yet, you probably don’t even notice how often you use AI systems.


Our cars can communicate with us. Our smart homes know when we’re there. Your online banking software watches for fraudulent activity. Did you know you’re engaging with AI every time Amazon of Netflix shows you a recommendation?


With AI impacting our daily lives, it makes sense that industries would leverage technology to transform the way they do business. In digital marketing, the list of AI applications continues to grow, and any company that puts off leveraging the technology risks being left behind by the competition.


Here’s how AI and machine learning are disrupting digital marketing:


Predicting Customer Behavior 


You no longer have to guess what your customers’ next moves are. AI and machine learning are so intuitive that they can tell you.


An AI system can sort through massive data to analyze customer behavior and anticipate future needs and preferences. 

This insight allows digital marketers to refine their marketing strategies with better content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and more.


Personalized Content


AI provides marketers with a holistic view of the customer, which allows for more intelligent content targeting. In addition, AI gives marketers the capability to instantly deliver personalized content to countless segments of their buyer personas.


In the past, this type of segmentation would require hours of analysis from a team of employees. AI also makes combining story selling and storytelling easy, allowing for higher conversion rates.


The best part about AI is that it frees you from tedious tasks. Thanks to AI and its ability to create algorithms, you can focus on more meaningful marketing tasks such as enhancing content.




AI-powered chatbots are already replacing traditional live chats for many companies. Not only do they never lose patience the way a human customer service representative might, but chatbots can assist customers 24/7.


They can even reduce the waiting time by handling several customer requests simultaneously.


Targeting of Specific Demographics


Marketers can make more informed decisions by placing multiple ads on a particular group of people and studying the results.


Studying specific demographics has always been possible without the use of AI. However, utilizing AI can achieve this on a massive scale, gaining you insight quicker and ultimately saving you time and money.


Image Recognition


Notice how Facebook highlights faces and suggests friends tags. That’s Facebook using AI and photo recognition. Look how far we have come leveraging similar technology to analyze the vast number of images online better to understand buyer demographics such as age or gender.


By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, digital marketing companies can dramatically transform prospects’ experiences to convert them faster and shorten sales cycles. As technology continues to evolve, so should digital marketing companies.


To make informed decisions that serve consumer needs, you need more insight. AI can help you achieve this by automating mundane tasks and collecting valuable data in the process. Its transparent AI and machine learning are disrupting digital marketing.


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