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Online Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), also referred to as SEM is one of the easiest ways to promote and grow your business online. With more and more of your target audience browsing the internet, having your business be one of the first hits on Google is one way to make sure your company brand gets noticed. It is every company’s dream in the digital world we live in.

The Google Ad Rank algorithm determines where a given ad is ranked. These include the expected click-through rate (CTR), the maximum cost per click (CPC) which is a bid, the landing page experience, and relevance to the search query.

Relevance is the single most determining factor in ad rank, but since there are many businesses that offer the same product or service in any given industry, there is going to be plenty of overlap. The process of bidding on keywords is what will make or break your ad campaign.

Running online ad campaigns is simple, understanding their complexity and analytics is not for companies who have little understanding of digital technology.

Digital Marketing Stream simplifies new technologies for companies and as we transform customers, we prepare them for new journeys such as online advertising. Our great team of social media marketing experts understands how to run lead-generating campaigns over Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Online advertising pricing can change daily. There are Google Ad promotions for new users, and offers from other platforms such as Facebook found regularly.

Video Marketing

With video technology and sharing exploding, we moved right on forward and made video production for marketing a strength at Digital Marketing Stream. Our writing, shooting, and editing staff have years of experience finding the right emotional, visual, and informational balance that needs to connect with a targeted audience. We shoot Video Types & Costs SCRIPTED PROMO (1-2min) with careful planning in mind after a discussion on desired length and style with our clients. This requires a fair amount of pre-production, such as the possible hiring of actors, script writing, and story boarding. Our process delivers a high-end commercial, telling a quick story that reinforces your brand and inspires a call to action. It draws your audience in. This media can be used for social media, your website, and/or TV. Interested in a comedy sketch, or an emotionally gripping short? These usually include voice over, and always have the proper music edit.

Cinematic Brand Story (1-5min)

These are mini-documentaries, and are effective for building your brand while differentiating you from your competition. Another benefit is our focus on authenticity, the viewer’s trust in your company increases greatly. For this reason, we shoot the videos documentary style and include interviews with the owners/workers of a particular business. There is a definite art in being able to achieve proper messaging with interview videos, and we believe it’s one of our strong-suits. We shoot enough for the on-screen communicators to become comfortable and thus give more genuine responses. We carefully draw pre-determined messaging points from each participant. We cut the conversations with B-Roll of desired locations and also include the necessary high-level shots according to what is being communicated, such as interactions with clients, staff, and time-lapses. This style of a video could be highlighting a particular service, product, or uniqueness, and doesn’t always only include the story of their brand. This also includes the proper music edit.

We take great pride in our quality, competitive partnership pricing and fast delivery.