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Since LinkedIn launched 14 years ago, it has exploded into the world’s largest business platform. Almost 3 million members post long-form content and millions of more share updates.


To make sure that you get noticed in 2017, it is important to have a strategy that incorporates both the latest LinkedIn tools, as well as tips and resources.


Below are 9 Tips on How to Stand Out From the Crowd.


1. Mobilize. Your target audience is on the move. About 58 percent of LinkedIn users access the platform from their mobile devices. Four out of ten look for jobs that way, and those numbers will increase.


Mobile is the future. If you stand still, you and or your company will fall behind.


2. Keep up. Digital transformation demands continuing education. All the new digital tools in the world won’t help you build your network or deliver a message if you don’t bother to use them.


Check LinkedIn often and take advantage of free webinars that pop up.


In today’s hyper-competitive environment, failing to use all of the digital tools available to you is not an option. For more information on free education and professional development feel free to read this post.


3. Maintain. So you’ve had your LinkedIn page for a while and regularly add new content. That’s good, but engagement will most likely improve with some regular maintenance. Recycle some of your older posts with updates and new images.


Content does get outdated. Do all of your contacts engage, or do you feel overwhelmed with a large network?


If so, learn how to manage a large network, there are many ways to stay engaged.


When was the last time you found and linked research or articles related to your field? Staying active demonstrates that you’re engaged and committed, and remember engagement is not a one-way street.


4. Optimize. SEO is nothing new, but it remains one of the most effective ways to get noticed by your target audience.


Yet it is easy to get into an SEO rut, especially if your company offers a limited number of products or services. In 2017, brush up on SEO strategies and developments.


Are your keywords too general? Do you understand how to use location-related keywords?


Take advantage of free tools — such as Keyword Planner, available in Google’s Adwords, or Google Trends.


Choose a paid SEO tool like Term Explorer, Moz’s Keyword Search Tool, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Accuranker or HubSpot’s Keyword Tool.


5. Review and refresh. Are you using hashtags and strong keywords? Try and stay up to date on what is trending on the different platforms in regards to them.


How are your profile and background photos? While witty and comical hashtags may be fun, it makes more sense to be straightforward.


Choose your hashtags wisely. Ask yourself what search words someone might use to get to your profile or your company’s LinkedIn page.


Remember, not all hashtags work all the time; tailoring them to content is a good way to attract new views.


It is not about entertainment, it is about effectively expanding your network and strengthening your brand. Is your summary concise, clear and grammatically correct? Is the content consistent in style?


Our looks and priorities can change over time and LinkedIn profiles are best when they are kept up to date and relevant to current user goals and interests.


6. Visuals. If one photo is worth a thousand words, multimedia videos might be worth millions. Research shows that text with pictures generates 94 percent more views. But in 2017, a single photo might not cut it.


Make your content pop with multimedia online videos, slides, and podcasts. Looking for places to find free high-resolution photos? Click here.


7. Original content. With the many choices of digital tools available to LinkedIn members and companies, it is easy to forget that content is king.


This year, dedicate yourself to producing more high-quality original content.


Nothing will separate you from the crowd more than offering your network information or insight that can’t be found elsewhere.


Spend more time on making your content remarkable.


8. Moderation. In striving to be heard, it’s easy to saturate your target audience with content that is overly self-promoting. Don’t do it.


It may seem to be counter-intuitive in a world where each day brings a new blizzard of information competing for our time.


Quality continues to beat quantity, and quality content matters.


9. Patience. The best LinkedIn user profiles and influencers did not appear overnight. Be a reliable producer of original content that adds value for your connections, and in time, you will build a stronger personal or company brand.


As LinkedIn’s user base continues to grow globally, members should consider having strategies to prevent getting lost in the crowd.


by Audrey DeSisto