New Twitter Terms and Policy Updates That Change The Game Now | Digital Marketing Stream

Twitter has recently published changes to their terms and policies.

The platform policy changes have had an enormous impact on mobile and web apps and have also affected many user accounts.

As a digital marketing agency, we wanted to update you on these significant changes and will do our best to keep you informed.

Here are a few changes that went into effect:

1. Auto DM features are no longer allowed by Twitter for any application. For more information read the new Twitter policy here:

2. Following or unfollowing large amounts of accounts in a short period of time is now prohibited by Twitter for all apps as part of their effort to prevent aggressive following. You can find more information on growing your Twitter account follow here:

As a result, you may notice accounts have been flagged to comply with Twitter rules, as well as changes to your follow experience.

If you see your follower accounts suspended, we suggest allowing them time to disconnect any software or apps they may be using and allow them time to learn more. Many users and companies used apps and software and are allow in transition.

The new Twitter rules apply to all third-party apps. If a third-party app is providing any of the above-mentioned features, they are now in violation of the Twitter rules.

If you are using apps, communicate with the app teams themselves for their own updates and changes made to your account whether you are on free trials or paid plans.

Your Twitter account could possibly get temporarily suspended if you are working with a third-party.

That is all of the information that our team has at the moment, and we suggest that you read the Twitter policy changes in the links that we have provided above soon.

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