What LinkedIn Profiles May Look Like By 2017. Artificial Intelligence and IoT | Digital Marketing Stream

After reading tech updates on what to expect in technology between now and 2020, as well as the Global Risks 2015 Report, I thought about how LinkedIn profiles might transform. What on earth will they look like by 2017?

As I grow my network and view profiles, I often wonder why some of the earlier predictions have been wrong. Video content is one, and I do not see users uploading media or video in their profiles often; I expect this will increase this year.

Below are ideas on how LinkedIn profiles could transform:

Profile Photos.

How creative and tech savvy are you? What new tools will LinkedIn put in place to allow users to showcase their new digital skills? Can you envision profile photos being replaced with a virtual avatar? This is one reason why I use both Apple and Microsoft software. The new generations, those tech savvy, and highly skilled video gamers will demand features like this.

Profiles could have virtual avatar assistants that may direct you to the exact information you seek. Imagine stating your needs to a profile avatar and getting a quick response. Do we really have time to read entire profiles? In fact, the average time spent now reading profile summaries is 5-8 seconds. That will decrease. Changes like this are dependent on how fast this new industrial revolution is moving. Do we even know? We just know it is moving fast.


User headlines may state via voice: Laser-focused Consultant, Robot Engineer, Video Expert, Virtual Avatar Designer or Digital Marketing Expert. What will the majority of workers be doing in 2020?


Here I predict users adding video, more media, and perhaps music. If you are following 360 degree video technology, it could get interesting. Users in the travel business should already be uploading video to their profiles, as well as entrepreneurs trying to advertise their business. Cold calling is on the way out the door completely, people text. Cold messaging on LinkedIn is not very effective. One way to get around this is to add media to your profile and attract users through content in updates and groups.

Wearable devices will make the IoT part of our everyday life. Imagine a network checking their Apple watch, or another wearable device every ten minutes? Many users spend a significant amount of time on the site, so when things get more interesting that will increase. What will not increase is, again, time spent on profiles. Users are data hungry. People are becoming LinkedIn and social media addicts. If you think young workers checking their mobile devices is trending, wait until the majority have wearables.

As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are experiencing the fastest technology transformation that the world has seen. Right now, all economic reports and expert opinions are assumptions. There are no experts who can accurately project what digital transformation will look like in the future. As artificial intelligence develops, we do not have much insight on how innovative developers will be. For now, we can only imagine how the new digital era will change our world.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” ~ Alan Kay

Work History.

It will be just that, history. With consulting on the rise, and jobs being replaced by robots and other technology, there will be a big shift in job titles and industry.

As digital video continues to explode, we should see video providing a work experience overview. I would assume there will be a click and translate to text built right into the platform. Would we even need that?

Skills Section.

If you are not sharpening your social media and digital skills, and you still do not realize the importance of social media presence as it relates to employment, you could hire a coach or consultant. Every worker at every job level needs to keep up with new digital technology. There are free on-line education courses, some are listed in one of my posts here.

Many key search words will become extinct. Some skills that will not disappear are:

Cyber Security & Internet Security
Digital Marketing and Media
Web Development
CRM & Customer Service

If my vision of what LinkedIn profiles could look like by 2020 are somewhat accurate, then recommendations will also be video. You could see a decline on recommendations because of this. Users could download recommendations now in order to scan and upload as media. As user demographics shift, LinkedIn may develop a tool for customers who are not digital tech ready. This could be part of the platform integration plan. Not all customers are going to jump into the new digital era at the same time.

LinkedIn’s Competition:

LinkedIn’s competitors all pose different threats. With Facebook, Beknown, BranchOut and Hashable all circling and offering users different business tools, it is important for LinkedIn to have the best development team onboard. Although this post is not about LinkedIn’s competitors, they will drive many of the development changes as we move forward.

Audrey DeSisto

Founder and CEO, Digital Marketing Stream