Why Digital Marketing is Robin Hood for B2B Companies | Digital Marketing Stream

In this modern age of digital advertising, online marketers are stealing from the rich ad agencies and promoting needy brands that wouldn’t otherwise have heightened visibility.

Anyone who’s ever DVRed an episode of “Mad Men” knows how important advertising agencies can be to our culture and mainstream businesses. Despite the dated setting of the series, advertising remains a big media player in 2017.

What has changed is who holds all the power. Digital marketers are now just as important to the advertising industry as multimillion dollar firms.

Big advertising used to be a rich man’s game. If you had the capital to put your business in the pages of the New York Times or a major magazine, you were really making it in the world. Now, small businesses can gain viral visibility online at a fraction of the price for global exposure.

B2B businesses typically have been benched when it comes to major advertising opportunities. Because of their specialized missions, these businesses can’t connect with businesses in the way B2C companies connect with their clients. Advertising costs for B2B companies would be massive, with little — if any — improvement in reaching their target audience. All the while, ad execs would profit whether or not their clients succeeded.

Now we’re in the age of digital marketing, and non-traditional online marketers are stealing clients from rich and profitable advertising agencies to give B2B businesses more visibility and potential leads than ever before.

How exactly does this work? A digital marketer has a distinct advantage in the age of digital media. Advertising isn’t so much about the power of traditional agencies anymore; it is about potential online reach. Some expertly crafted tweets can do more for a B2B company than any magazine spread ever could.

This also creates an environment where the bigwigs in B2B business vie for client attention right alongside startups and entrepreneurs. In the world of digital media, all men and their businesses are created equal from the start. How well you do can sometimes depend on investment, but there’s no guarantee that spending money will, in turn, make money.

Why? Viral social media content and popular posts may have no invested capital behind them at all.

If money is put into social and digital content, the cost is relatively small. Imagine the capital invested in a billboard versus what it takes to craft a viral tweet. While a billboard may mean guaranteed visibility, the ROI is still more of a risk. It stands in one place, while a viral tweet can circle the globe before breakfast.

Much like Robin Hood and his Merry Men, digital marketers are leveling the playing field. They take clients and ideas from traditional advertising agencies, then disperse this knowledge and skill in an inexpensive yet effective way. Digital marketing still has its pros and cons, but those with their finger on the pulse of ad trends know it’s doing good deeds for the smaller, less moneyed B2B businesses out there.