Social Media Marketing

Below is some information about the networks:

Twitter: Twitter pages tend to be #1 for website traffic, and the #1 fastest growing network for most companies.

Facebook: When managing Facebook pages, we focus on producing high-quality engaging content and adding relevant hashtags to spread your content further. Facebook unfortunately only shows your content to less than 5% of your fan base because they want you to pay them extra to promote your content. We do not typically recommend investing more in Facebook. We suggest that you post content here to keep your page active and put more emphasis on other social media platforms. This is our opinion.

LinkedIn Personal Page: This is the best place for making more professional business related connections, with decision makers at companies. We use LinkedIn for connecting you with potential partners or anyone that you would like to do business with. We can help you increase your network very quickly, and get conversations started with new prospects.

Instagram: This platform is currently the fastest growing social network a can be used as a great branding tool and for audience growth. We offer high-quality custom designed image creation with your logo added to each image in a very nice professional looking way. Then we send the images to our copywriter to create custom updates with hashtags for each image. We also have a good way to increase your followers using the same strategy that we use for Twitter, and we can connect you will a large audience each day which will result in rapid account growth.

Pinterest: An important network for you mostly because of the female user base and the ability to drive website traffic. Pinterest is currently made up of more than 80% females and a good opportunity to reach a female based target audience on a regular basis.


Below are the social media marketing services we currently offer:

  • Create user accounts and customized content and images for profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Create customizedsocial media posts (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Curate or create customized content for LinkedIn
  • **Lead Generation Campaign**
  • **Social Media Training**

We also offer Google+, Google Analytics account set up and training.